Domestic Violence and Family Law

There are at least two scenarios that are presented when the issue of domestic violence and family law is brought up.  The first is the classic case of one partner being physically, financially, and emotionally controlling and abusive.  These are cases where it takes considerable effort to detach and start anew.  The second scenario is the one where the one partner uses the end of the relationship as a pretext to fabricate a domestic violence scenario to either gain a financial leg up and/or advantage in the issues surrounding the formation of a parenting plan/custody of the minor children.

It has occurred frequently that the one partner will use the rather normal arguments ensuring around a relationship breakup; exaggerate the actions of the other partner and seek an advantages initial court ruling in the family law case. The warning that should be heeded is that when the relationship that is at issue is deteriorating, is toxic, or the other partner is involved with substance abuse; beware of your actions.


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