Washington State Family Law Attorney

When you are dealing with family court issues, emotions can run high. Oftentimes, these matters involve highly sensitive personal issues. You want to know that you have an attorney you can trust to protect your best interests while providing the aggressive legal representation needed to accomplish your goals. At the Law Offices of David G. Kontos, we know how important family law cases are to those involved. Our experienced King County family law attorney genuinely cares about each client, and has a passion for providing the absolute best legal support each case deserves. With over 33 years of experience in representing clients, our attorney uses his extensive legal knowledge and expertise to assist clients get the best possible outcomes for their cases.

Professional, Experienced Guidance in Family Law Matters

Family law is broad and relates to a wide variety of legal matters affecting both individuals and families. As classified under the title of Domestic Relations in Title 26 of the Revised Code of Washington, legal matters which fall under the classification of family law include the following:

  • Marriage and Domestic Partnerships
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Community Property
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Same Sex Divorces
  • Non-Parental Requests for Custody

At the Law Office of David G. Kontos, our experienced family law attorney has over 33 years of experience in helping clients navigate through complicated legal proceedings. His goal is to give clients the opportunity to benefit from his legal knowledge, guidance, and expertise, while allowing them to make informed decisions about their own unique situations.

Legal Negotiations in Family Law Proceedings

Whether it is officiating a marriage or guiding clients through a separation, our attorney treats each unique situation with the care and professionalism it deserves. Family court matters frequently involve negotiations concerning custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and support or alimony payments. Attorney David Kontos’ experience as a judge and as a Guardian ad Litem for children in custody disputes enables him to diffuse stalemates and assist with the best possible outcomes for both the parent and any children involved. Working with Family Court Services, our attorney and staff provide valuable assistance to clients through court ordered mediation, helping parents establish parenting plans and visitation schedules and ensuring that their basic rights-as well as their children’s best interests-are being protected.

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Family law and family court cases often involve highly sensitive and emotionally volatile issues. Contact our experienced King County family law attorney today to make sure your rights are protected, and that the best interests of both you and your loved ones are protected. At the Law Firm of David G. Kontos, our family law attorney has the professional knowledge and legal experience you need, while providing the compassionate and caring service you deserve. Contact our Kent, WA office to set up an appointment for a consultation. We serve clients in Seattle, Des Moines, Covington, and throughout the entire King County area, so call us today at 253-859-3966.


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