• “David and his staff are beyond compare. I feel they genuinely care about me and my kids and the results they have achieved navigating the legal system are jaw-dropping...nothing short of a miracle.”
    – James Arlow  (Divorce and Child Custody Case)
  • "Since I was living out of state, keeping up with all matters pertaining to a parenting plan modification was logistically daunting, but the folks from Kontos Law were on top of it and kept me up to date until resolved."
    – John Mason (Family Law Case)
  • “I was told that men never get custody of their children in Washington State, but Mr. Kontos made it happen for me. Mr. Kontos always puts his clients' needs first before money. He makes sure that they get the justice they deserve.”
    – Ryan Nathan (Divorce and Child Custody Case)
  • “Since Mr. Kontos took my case, my ex-husband backed down from all his unreasonable demands. I am very grateful and would recommend him to anyone needing a Family Law attorney.”
    – Sara Alder (Divorce Case)
  • “When my ex-husband hired David Kontos to represent him in our high conflict divorce, the level of tension went down dramatically. Even though he wasn't my lawyer, I wrote him a thank you letter when it was all over.”
    – Margaret Tuney (Divorce Case)
  • “He took over for another lawyer that was awful! He did a great job kept me informed on everything, was very personable and did a wonderful job. He was in control of the case from the first minute. Thank you David.”
    – Mark Rowe (Family Law Case)
  • “My former husband dropped his unreasonable demands when Mr. Kontos took my case. He helped de-escalate a very volatile situation and he genuinely cared for my well being. I work in the legal field and Mr. Kontos rises above the rest!”
    – Gabrielle Martin (Divorce Case)
  • “Good family law attorney. He has provided sound legal advice regarding our custody issues and we are happy with his services. Fair, reasonable and honest.”
    – Janice Roberts (Child Custody Case)
  • "I have sincere appreciation for the Law Offices of David Kontos.  I am grateful for their knowledge, experience and professionalism. Now I can now look forward to a great retirement shared with family and friends. Thank you."
    – Carolyn A. (Employee Rights Case)
  • "With the assistance of David Kontos and his staff and associates, I was able to get more than just visitation, I was awarded full custody of my 5 year old son. Thank You David Kontos."
    – Karl Johnston (Child Custody Case)
  • "David Kontos handled my separation and divorce case flawlessly. He didn't over promise and the courts did exactly what he predicted."
    – Darryl E. (Divorce and Child Custody Case)
  • "My husband and I had the pleasure of having David as our officiant on our wedding day. He did an amazing job; was very personable and wonderful to work with."
    – J. Beaumant (Marriage Officiation)

Family Law

Family law is the area of law that deals with family matters, including marriage and domestic partnerships.


Divorce is a fire exit. When a house is burning, it doesn’t matter who set the fire. If there is no fire exit, everyone in the house will be burned.

Child Custody

Child Custody is the process where a formal Court Order directs where the child will reside.

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law cases often arise from  relationship breakdowns, e.g. one party faces criminal charges of domestic violence of some nature


When you are dealing with family court issues, emotions can run high. Oftentimes, these matters…

Regardless of the circumstances, the breakup of a marriage is always a painful time. Emotions…

If you are facing criminal charges, you need help from an attorney with proven knowledge…

Becoming a parent is one of the most important and meaningful events in a person’s…


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