When Not to Talk to the Police

Just like most of us, the police have their job to do.  You have just been in an argument with your partner reached a point where 911 was dialed.  The police are at the door.  What to do?  First, realize that the police are not your friends, they are doing their job.  Their job right now is to investigate whether there have been acts of “domestic violence”.  If the police determine that there has been, one of you is going to jail.  Be courteous to the police.  Do not argue with them.

Do not provide a written or recorded statement that will be used against you in court.

Remember that everything you say and any act you do may be memorialized by the police in the police report that will be written.  Do you have to speak to them?  No.  Should you? It depends.  If you were not the aggressor then you may choose to speak to them.  Show the police the marks on you, the damage to the items of personal property, the walls.  If you committed the acts you should be circumspect and invoke your constitutional right to be silent.  Do not provide a written or recorded statement that will be use against you in court.  Most people have a bad moment in their life when but for that one small lapse of judgment they could not subject themselves to the often overzealous actions of the police, the prosecutor and the court system.  When your personal relationship with your partner is deteriorating, try your best to become objective and look out for yourself.


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April 21, 2013


April 21, 2013

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April 21, 2013

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